Saturday, July 05, 2008

One Vice at a Time

KrokusOne Vice at a Time is the sixth album by Swiss metalists Krokus, released in 1983 on Arista Records. It became a gold album in the United States, Canada and Switzerland, and was the first album to feature Mark Kohler on rhythm guitar. Yes it does sound like AC/DC a lot on a few tracks, but I don't care. The band was both criticized for the lack of originality, and praised for the quality of the music when this album came out, and both observations are valid. It's still heavy and it rocks very hard! I've always liked this band, and they've put out some really good stuff over the years, such as "Metal Rendezvous" and "Headhunter". Overall, this is my favorite LP from the band. "Long stick goes boom" is amazing, "Playin the outlaw","Bad boys,rag dolls" are all heavy,catchy tracks. Forget the similarities, just enjoy this for what it is: kick ass rock and roll.

Long Stick Goes Boom
Down the Drain
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