Thursday, July 10, 2008

Passion of the Homercat

First a special download prize to those who read this whole damn post and give their feelings in the comments.

In the last few years the music industry has gotten so ignorant and crazy that every time I make a new entry, it really could be the last one you see here. The major labels have the ability to say to a place like blogspot, yank that site because it illegally showcased that song, and it disappears. they previewed a song off of one of our artists new album. Thank God that these ass wipes will eventually have to rethink their business practices. I receive 2 or three emails a day from indie artists with no label at all begging me to showcase their music on my blog,and they made an album with their own money and would you please download this entire album and feature it on your blog. I also do a lot of work with Indie labels that have all their blessings to showcase their artists work however I see fit. They just want the word out.

Every Time I write a new post here it could be the last one if the major labels have any say. That is one reason why I will never promote a new album from a major label artist. Apparently they don't need the free publicity and they just want to sue whoever promotes that music. So no new music here, except for a couple of excellent folks who I am in touch with and they want their music heard. But you say, homercat you are so retro that that you wear those leg warmer things. Not true go check the archives.

So what are you getting at homercat? A bunch of months ago I posted here on this site a long out of print album. In fact an album that never saw the light of CD or mp3, ogg,mp4, or whatever the kids are calling music now, in fact was probably out of print a year or two after it came out, which makes no sense since it was a great album. In fact it's been out of print for around 25 years and is only available on vinyl. Two days after I posted it, all I have to say is my link was taken down by outside sources. They just hated that I was posting an album.Yes, an album that the record industry deemed fit to die, all of of sudden became important enough because this asshole was(shock) sharing an album(that was no longer available anywhere, anyhow, or anyway. You still can't even get it in the ridiculously crappy mp3 format from a paysite(and if you buy online music then I make no apologies, you are stupid beyond redemption).

I've since given this some thought and have decided throw up this link that is ruining the record industry once again(I'ts Lower down). With this Challenge to artist and pathetic record industry alike. If you don't want me to post this album and share it with the world, then I put the ball in your court and demand that you re-release this album so that the people who want to buy, CAN. What as simple concept. I would be first in line, in fact I would break my rule and pre-order it with a credit card. I know you're wondering what could this album be? Wait till the end. Release it or I keep sharing it.

Ask Gene Simmons what he would think about one of his Kiss albums going out of print, Never happen. Not now, not tomorrow, not 40 years from now. Gene would take over the record industry before he allowed that. Hell, he's been repackaging the Kiss library in different forms, ways, tracklists and whatever it takes for years. He's making millions because he refuses to let his music die and miraculously every time he repackages the "hits", bingo, a new generation discovers KISS and he makes more money.

I say this to every record company out there, you must be scared shitless of making any money whatsoever. This is why. Are you grown up enough to handle it? For every out of print album that you deem unfit for release, you've shot yourself in the big toe and lost millions, because us music lovers know a way to find it(even though we would pay top dollar for a hard copy). Ok , not convinced stupid motherfucking record industry, let's shoot ourself in the the second toe. Cheap Trick is one of the best power pop groups of all time, period. Anyone who argues that is an idiot. Yet half their catalog is out of print. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!! Fuck Led Zeppelin and their 2,000 releases of their 9 albums, oh wait, I think that was generous. I think they only had 2 decent albums. BLAM there goes your third toe. Let's shoot off the 3rd toe with a big bang. That's easy, even a $2000 dollar an hour hooker couldn't suck out the good of the shit on the radio like Coldplay. Wanna go for the fourth toe?

The Indie labels are the great white hope of music, until they get exposure, then the major label leeches dive in, sign the artist for a ridiculous amount of money, and then proceed to tell them what kind of music they are going to perform. BLAM. Death of an artist and hardly a foot left. Barely enough for a zombie to take a second look.

And #5 is where the major labels blow the fuck out of their foot with a (Big fucking gun type term here) in their last toe and foot and actually hit their other foot with that big fucker. Then they are crippled and will eventually die. If they were a horse we'd shoot them. People keep sharing this classic old music because there's nowhere to buy it. Let Me Repeat -- There is Nowhere to buy it assfucks. A lot of people have ripped it from vinyl. That takes software, money, time and our love for music, not money. So we trade what we can't find. That whole bogus argument about downloading albums doesn't hold a candle with me. In the last two weeks I bought 6 albums that I had previously downloaded. I would have bought 37 more albums that I had previously downloaded on my last trip to the store, but, not my fault, THEY WERE NOT AVAILABLE. Ooops can we all say out of print. Somebody lost sales. Maybe it was your ineptly run company. Probably not the guy on EBAY offering the album for a hundred bucks. He's more than likely made a tidy profit which the artist or record company never saw a penny, yet if said album had been available to purchase from a record company, I doubt if Mr. Public would have even considered that damn EBAY bid where all his money would have gone to the dude on EBAY and not to the artist or record people.

Hear me now RIAA, CRIA, Every RIA in the world. If it's out of print, I will be sharing it to the world. Where else will they get it? If it's in print, I will be the first in line to buy it and to promote the sales. If it's an awesome album, It needs to be promoted so more people can hear it, and then amazingly more people buy it. What a concept. Crazy Shit. I thank God that Writers want everyone to read their books even VIA free ( I see the music industry shudder) by the library. Because they know once in that dewey decimal system they have achieved a glimpse of immortality(let's face it all writers have that)(Maybe it's the free thing). In todays music industry, immortality like that can only be a dream, because they want to charge for even listening. Folks won't go for it. One last rant. As of this rant the #1 album all over the world is by Coldplay. Streamed it and it was the worst piece of shit I have ever heard in my life, just like their last album. Really is this the type of music that we all think is great? Or do we accept what the major labels are forcing down our throats. Get the old stuff before the big wigs decide it's not worthy anymore, you'll regret it if you don't. Soon you teenies will be facing the same dilemma as I and my peers are now, even sooner since most top 40 music in this new millennium sucks ass so bad that instead of making up a word for it, we just say, "Wow, that sucks bad!". Then in 5 years it will be out of print.

One last thing. I will never, ever, buy your compressed bullshit music from the internet. Those that do are idiots beyond redemption. The day that I cannot hold and load a hard copy of the full sonic digital value album(does that make fucking sense?)and sit and read the liner notes while I am listening to the uncompressed version as the artist intended is the day I stop purchasing music forever. I will do everything possible to download it illegally and never purchase one more album.

Wow this is crazy. If you've made it this far then here's the link for one of the most underrated albums of the 8o's. Sue Saad and the Next.
One last thing. I challenge every single company in the music biz to make these lost classics available to the buying public. If you don't we will continue to share and we will also be one step ahead of you. Make it available and we will buy it. If you can't meet that challenge, don't you dare persecute my site. You have no right. by the way if the link keeps getting deleted, I'll keep uploading it in various forms until someone finally releases it on disc. Copy and paste in new browser eh.

I I Me Me
Buy It, oh wait you can't. Not my Fault.