Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ragged Ass Road

Today in Music History:

In 1998, Aerosmith were forced to cancel a forthcoming US tour after Joey Kramer was involved in a freak accident. The drummer's car set on fire and was completely destroyed as he was filling up with gas. He was admitted to hospital with second-degree burns.
Tom Cochrane is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician, whose story-telling songs have earned him the nickname "The thinking man's rocker." His music has been critically referred to as the "soundtrack to a mid-life crisis". His best known song is the hit single "Life Is a Highway" which peaked at #6 on the US Billboard charts in 1992 and was a number one hit in his native Canada. The track also hit #1 in Australia where Cochrane has a very loyal following. He still remains a major act in Canada, his home country. If one had to put a sounds like tag onto his music you could say that Tom takes the best from Bob Seger and John Mellencamp and melds it into something all his own with a distinctly Canadian vibe. Ragged Ass Road was released in October 1995, and is named for a real road which exists in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The album's tracks are short, concise stories about life, love, loss, and the hope of renewal and redemption. Some of the best include "I Wish You Well," and the Dylanesque "Crawl," and the title track. Cochrane reaches down and delivers his music from the heart and soul. Although there is nary a Canuck who doesn't own a Tom Cochrane album, This is truly an unheralded recording deserving of a much wider (and wiser) audience outside of Canada. My favorite Tom Cochrane album.

I Wish You Well
Dreamer's Dream
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