Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tighten Up, Vol. 88

Tighten Up, Vol. 88 is the third album by Big Audio Dynamite, recorded, mixed and released at the Beethoven St. Studios in West London on Spring 1988.

The album gets its name from Tighten Up compilation series by Trojan Records. The album cover is a painting by Paul Simonon, former bassist of The Clash and Mick Jones' bandmate. The allmusic review of this album gives it only two stars and I have to strongly disagree with that rating. I'll turn it around and give it 5 stars and call it a must own album. The melodies are winning, the presentation interesting, and Mick Jones’ voice is charming in a sleepy sort of way. Jones actually set out to make the album more commercially accessible than the first two BAD albums, crafting tighter songs in a more pop-styled vein as opposed to the effects and sample heavy work that preceded, and followed, it. Personally I think he succeeded in this, and of the album's 12 tracks I find almost all of them infectious and marvellously written tunes that still holds up well all these years later.

I have a certain appreciation for every track on Tighten Up that I can't say I have for any other BAD album, from any incarnation. I genuinely believe that with the exception of Mr. Walker Said, any song on here could have been a hit single, they are all so hook-laden and enjoyable on the ear. It's with this said that I show no second thoughts in giving the album 5 stars. It's a rarity these days when I find an album I can listen to from start to finish and thoroughly enjoy every trackas much as I do this one, and I would say it's well worth the extra effort to track down this out of print album.

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