Thursday, July 31, 2008


WhippedThe third album from Faster Pussycat shows they were heading in an exciting direction. Whipped came out in 1992 and some people thought it didn't rock out as much as the first two but songs like "Jack the Bastard" and "Body thief" kept that rocking sound going. Actually this album shows that Faster Pussycat were hitting their creative peak right as the hard rock backlash began and the fans wanted everyone to sound like Nirvana.

The country rock swagger of the 7 minute epic "Nonstop to nowhere" starts the album very strongly, sounding more like classic Rolling Stones than anything else and should have been a hit. "Big dictionary" and "Loose booty" were funny, light-hearted care free tracks about women, again nothing serious but always brings a smile to your face just like the rest of the band's output.

Whipped hit number 90 on the charts, and it fell off quickly; with the alternative rock explosion, the hard rock audience had changed and had no patience for Faster Pussycat's trashy glam metal. For the most part this is a fine hard rock album that died a terrible death in the alternative rock marketplace of 1992. With the band quickly folowing in it's footsteps. Incidentally with the rise of the "Seattle sound" of the 90's, I quickly forayed over to the country music scene because I felt 90's music was nothing short of pathetic. I love trashy glam metal, and would take these guys over Nirvana any day of the week.

Nonstop to Nowhwere
Big Dictionary
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