Sunday, August 24, 2008

Angst in My Pants

sparksAngst in My Pants is the eleventh album of pure pop genius by Sparks. Sparks has always been a band that is able to fit itself into any category of music at any time and with the release of Angst in 1982 gave the eighties it's first great pop party album. This album is full of great tunes. The clever lyrics of the Mael brothers that is their trademark is not only prevalent, but better than ever. The video for "I Predict" was banned by MTV, not for its bizarre sexual content, but for the political incorrectness of Ron's moustache! They were completely off target...nobody was looking at his moustache! We were utterly distracted by all the sexual energy Ron was radiating onstage at the strip club in his corset and feather boa! And did you see them on Saturday Night Live performing this song. Brilliant! (You can find it on you tube) Despite the video veto, the single reached #60 in the U.S. charts in March of 1982. The video was finally reinstated - for late night viewing only - on MTV the following summer. Then as if anticipating this, the song Mustache talks about how the gals can guess the lunch he had and how his Jewish friends will never call. Remember that scene in the movie "Valley Girl" when the kid rides on his bike to the house expecting to get lucky with the mom & it turns out it was the daughter in the shower? The Sparks' "Eaten by the Monster of Love" was the song during that scene and it set the tone perfectly. This album is a true classic.

Angst in My Pants
Eaten by the Monster of Love

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