Saturday, August 09, 2008

Earthquake Weather

Earthquake Weather is Joe Strummer's first official solo album after the breakup of the Clash,released in 1989. The album sold very few copies, despite being received fairly well by critics (although not as well as it might have been due to easy and unfair comparisons to the work of the Clash). Yes we sorely missed The Clash and we wanted this record to be Clashish in the worst way and when it wasn't, people said, hey don't buy that album, it doesn't sound like The Clash at all. In my opinion, this was really unfair to Joe, who is someone I did and still admire greatly. This inability to sell records ultimately terminated the relationship of Joe Strummer and Epic Records, who forced Strummer out of their deal, unless he were to reform The Clash, in which case he would be required to return to Epic. Strummer's voice and songwriting are engaging enough throughout the 14 songs that there's never a second where things come off as dated or rushed. Earthquake Weather is a solid, fascinating album, mostly because of Joe Strummer's always fiery charisma, his impeccable vocals, and his mostly unerring musical exploration and experimentation. Not Joe's finest moment, but an interesting and ambitious project. Also that is one killer album cover, classic Strummer.

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