Thursday, August 21, 2008

Get it on Credit

TorontoIt's a back to back retro Canuckster posts. First Prism and now some more Toronto. 1982 saw the release of Toronto's third straight platinum album, Get It On Credit. Recorded at Toronto's Eastern Sound and produced by Steve Smith, best known for his work with Robert Palmer, the lead single "Break Down The Barricade" again saw furious lick trading between Allen and Alton and Woods' now stupendous trademark vocals. Harder than ever, the title-track and the smash "Your Daddy Don't Know" were further evidence a six piece group could act like a well-oiled machine "Start Telllin' The Truth" showed the diverse writing talents of the group, crossing over to the keyboard-laden easy listening side of the rock realm, yet still keeping the band's renowned 'edge'. Interestingly, the eleventh song was eventually dropped before the album came out. Apparently a totally clueless top executive decided that ballads weren't in and wanted that darn thing dropped from the record. That song was "What About Love", co-written by Jim Vallance. It would turn into an international mega smash hit when Heart recorded it three years later. Just more proof that top people in the record industry are just plain ignorant.

The year found them popular enough to be a headliner in Canada and they launched the "Lock up Your Sons" tour with the Headpins as openers. Toronto was not as well known in the US and they would open for just about any act that wanted them. Subsequently they opened for such acts as Nazareth, Ted Nugent, Foreigner and Robert Palmer. This is classic Canadiana.

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