Saturday, August 30, 2008

Goes to Hell

Alice CooperAlice Cooper Goes to Hell is the ninth studio album by Alice Cooper, released in 1976. It was the sequel to his previous album Welcome to My Nightmare. It marks the second of 4 appearances of his "Steven" character on one of his albums. On the Nightmare album Steven was the little boy who couldn't escape his night terrors. On this album Steven sort of battles the devil in his own disco. Written almost exclusively by Alice with guitar player Dick Wagner and producer Bob Ezrin, this comically chilling concept album continued Coopers legend of perverse, provocative brilliance.

With the success of "Only Women Bleed" from his first solo effort, Alice continued with the rock ballads on this album. "I Never Cry" was written about the matter of Alice's drinking situation, which would in one year send the performer into re-hab. As quoted by Cooper, the song was "an alcoholic confession". It really is a brilliant album.

Go to Hell
Wish You Were Here
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