Thursday, August 14, 2008

No Guts No Glory

Molly HatchetNo Guts...No Glory is the fifth studio album by Molly Hatchet, released in 1983. Failed experiment Jimmy Farrar on lead vocals is gone and original vocalist Danny Joe Brown returns for this recording. This album saw the band return to its more overt southern style it had displayed on its debut record in 1978. Right away on the first track "What Does It Matter?", in the opening riffs, Danny lets loose with his banter, and there's no mistaking who's on vocals. However, with the addition of keyboards into the mix, the band managed to take this sound to an even more orchestrated approach on some songs such as Dave Hlubek's master piece "Fall of the Peacemakers". Critics hailed the "No Guts....No Glory" album as the band's true return to form. The record went largely unnoticed by the public as southern rock was on the decline in popularity and the band had alienated a lot of fans with the prior two albums. Not me, I remember buying this on vinyl the day it came out. I was excited about the return of Danny Joe Brown. It is a shame it was ignored because next to their debut album, this is my favorite. But it's a gooder and a true Hatchet album. It is their only album not to feature an epic, fantasy themed cover.

Fall of the Peacemakers
Kinda Like Love
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