Tuesday, August 19, 2008

See Forever Eyes

PrismPrism is one of the greatest Canadian bands ever. Their first three albums are a nearly holy triumvirate of Canadian rock and roll. These guys mixed pop, progressive rock and sappy ballads in equal measures. Prism's second album, See Forever Eyes, came out in 1978 and they proved that their first album was no fluke. Tom Lavin, Ab Bryant & Rodney Higgs left the band and Prism presented Rocket Norton on Drums and Allen Harlow on Bass & rhythm guitar. Lindsay Mitchel, Bruce Hall and Ron Tabak (RIP), had more freedom to write new songs for the See Forever Eyes album with the production assistance of the great Bruce Fairbairn. Allen Harlow helped the band to reach a superstar status with Flyin', a song which became a national hit and a break through in U.S. The album would set the stage for a series of releases that would take Prism through a series of harsh high and lows. Despite a continued struggle in the direction of the band, See Forever Eyes was an instant success going platinum nearly overnight. The album bubbled with 10 tracks full of commercial potential and produced 3 powerful singles. The band had begun to makes its mark as a powerhouse on stage but there was some concern that they were heading into "pop" territory, but Prism dispelled everyone's fears with the release of their next album.

See Forever Eyes
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