Saturday, August 02, 2008

Two Minute Warning

The AngelsI say we start out August with those awesome and under appreciated Aussie rockers, The Angels. In November 1984, the Angels released Two Minute Warning, a concept record exploring nuclear devastation, following a three-month recording session in Los Angeles. The American version of the album, on MCA, included a new version of the 1978 song "Be With You", which would become The Angels' last commercially available single in the United States. Unfortunately for the band, an internal personnel purge at MCA meant that Two Minute Warning received absolutely no support from the label. MCA(dickheads) would then later go as far to reject The Angels' next album. Why oh Why and what a mistake. Depending if you bought the Aussie version or the international release the track order is different. Being that this was a concept album that was just silly to order the tracks differently. This is the Aussie release with the songs in the order that they were meant to be. The album opens strongly with the slow-burner Small Price, and then kicks you in the teeth with the barn-storming Look The Other Way. Next up is the incredible Underground. Other highlights on the record are the first single Between The Eyes, Walking To Babylon, Razor's Edge and oh heck let's just say every track. The Angels sound is hard to compare to other bands. They are a classic twin guitar hard rock act, but do not exhibit the blues influences you normally hear. I think their appeal lies in the solid hard riffs that are more melodic than bluesey. I dare you to say that this isn't one of the best albums you ever heard.

Small Price
Sticky Little Bitch
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