Sunday, September 21, 2008

...And Out Came the Wolves

Rancid…And Out Come the Wolves is an album by the punk rock band Rancid, released in August 1995. Sorry Led Zeppelin, sorry Beatles, sorry Black Sabbath, and sorry to the Rolling Stones. Why? I'll tell you why, this album is not only a top 100 album of all time, but it resides in the top ten of all time. Every single critic in the world ranks it at 4 or 5 stars. I know it turned the Missus into a punk lovin' gal from a country bumpkin. She thinks Olympia WA is one of the greatest songs ever recorded, and the homercat concurs. It kills me that almost every review by a critic gives this album a 4 and a half star or 5 star, but they all think the album is too long!!!! Are you shitting me? One of the best albums ever recorded and their biggest gripe is that it's too long? Really? When I finish the album I wish there were a few more songs. Yeah 49 minutes is way too long for an album with 19 songs. Just ask Pink Floyd or Rush who could spend 14 minutes on one song if that's too long. Rush put out one album that had 4 songs with a less running time than Rancid's. Yeah way too long people who fairly review albums for money.Unfair and yet justified comparisons to The Clash abound when speaking of this one. I hear it and say they share the same love for ska, reggae and punk. In a personal note, they were like the Clash in a way.

Released soon after the breakthrough success of Green Day and The Offspring, Rancid's cult popularity and catchy songs made them the subject of a major label bidding war (hence the title, ...And Out Come the Wolves taken from a poem in Jim Carroll's Basketball Diaries) that ended with the band sticking with their indie label, Epitaph Records. Big Money waved at them and they said FU. Jeez these guys make Green Day sound like they're still in diapers. Bottom line, just listen, don't compare because from start to finish this album is killer and personally, it's way too short. So suck my ass critics and keep sucking that Zeppelin weiner because this is truly a top ten of all time, not any Zeppelin album.

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