Friday, September 19, 2008

Back Home Again

john DenverIn this age of mp3's and indie labels. Let's don't get crazy. If we had the same mentality that the music industry has now back in the good ole days back in the 70's, we would now be forever forfeit of some great music. For example in the 70's a record exec believed in a guy named Springsteen. After several sub selling albums, the exec stood behind the Boss and he was right, a legend was born. In the same vein, with AM radio being the boss and the multitude of different artists and sounds of the seventies, who could challenge AM with a new sound? After 7 albums that didn't bring the big hit( some minor ones), some exec somewhere said this guy is the shit and stood by him, and he was right. In 1974 John Denver was poised in the right music at the right time type of thing. With all the diversity of AM radio, Denver's sound was a breath of fresh air. Denver's 8th album, Back Home Again charted to #1 on the Billboard pop and country album charts. To this day I'm an unabashed Denver fan. I also think that the environment of today's music industry will let us see less and less of artists of Denver's caliber. Say goodbye to good music eh. Imagine a major label standing behind an artist for eight years now. LOL 2 yrs max.

Back Home Again
was released when John was at the apex of his popularity in 1974, and the songs on this album served to propel him firmly into the stratosphere. From the comical "Thank God I'm A Country Boy' to the incredible smash hit "Annie's Song", John Denver showcases his incredible talents here. Denver almost single-handedly began the outdoor backpacking, hiking, and orienteering movements by popularizing the idea of nature as an important element in modern life, and more than a few of the young babyboomers, like John, were more than ready for the kind of unconventional intimacy with nature he sang about so effortlessly and so elegantly. From "Sweet Surrender" to "This Old Guitar'", Denver's songs soar in their description of the beauties of a simple and natural life and in being close to the "great wide-open'. This is the album with one of John's most personal songs: "This Old Guitar". It spells out his whole reason for living, beautifully and simply. So set aside the hype and the false images and just listen to the music. That is why he was here, and we are all richer for it. Denver participated in too many humanitarian projects to mention, not to mention this soft spoken folk artist fight against censorship. He is greatly missed, especially by me and my wife. John you were so right about the Rockies

Back Home Again
Annie's Song
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