Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunshine Lies

Matthew SweetI'm thinkin' a little new stuff today. And what could be better than some of my favorite style of music, good ole power pop.

Matthew Sweet just released his 10th studio album, Sunshine Lies, in a new alliance with Shout! Factory. Fans who have eagerly awaited the album's arrival will not be disappointed. Call it what you wish--Sweet terms it "power-pop-folk-rock-psychedelic-melodic-singer-songwriter-type stuff"--listeners will marvel at the depth and clarity of vision here. The album will also be released as a 2 LP set including four previously unreleased bonus tracks not available on the CD. For customer convenience, a CD will be included with purchases of the LP. The album features beautiful original photography by Brian Valentine. By turns achingly melodic and startlingly visceral, Sunshine Lies swirls with poetic emotion and stark attitude, bringing neatly into play the entire gamut of Sweet's stylistic experience. Susanna Hoffs appears on the album, providing backup vocals on the title track.

Some of you may remember his last outing was a collaboration with Susanna Hoffs where they covered 15 classic 60's songs on an album called Under the Covers Vol 1, which I found to be quite excellent. Many of the songs on Sunshine Lies could have sat side by side with the songs he covered from the 60's era had they actually been released in the late 60s with their sonic counterparts. He’s obviously been quite influenced by his retro work with The Thorns and Susanna Hoffs. The album is hooky and catchy as hell,which is what one would expect of good power pop. Of course, that’s what you’d expect from him, but this album is full of it and we should not take it for granted, since good power pop seems to be in short supply these days. In many ways I think this may be his best work since Girlfriend, if nothing else it will cement his reputation as an elder statesman of indie-rock. Sweet's music being what it is, I don't know if this album will bring in a whole new flock of fans, as it's a lot to take in on first listen (in a good way), as there is a lot going on on some of the tracks. In this age of instant gratification many newbies may pass on a first listen, but true music buffs will find much ear candy here that is truly satisfying. So Homercat is saying here's a couple tracks to take a gander at and see if you enjoy them as much as I do.

Sunshine Lies
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