Monday, September 01, 2008


homercatIt is vacation time for the Cat. I will be gone until September 8th or so. A weekish or more. Fear not kittays. Homercat has worked his claws to the bone and I've never been more ready for a vacation. In this case the infamous "staycation" will be the norm. We're going to explore this wonderful island we live on. Six years here and I've hardly been out of Victoria. I'm ready , I'm done and let's be honest, I'm ready to get full out blind shitfaced lazy. Alas, I will miss my faithful readers and your insightful comments. Seems like everyday I make a new virtual friend from this site. So in celebration I am going to put up a great vacation disc. A summer in the sun with boat drinks type of album. You may have to grab it quick as I'm sure the powers to be will yank it down. In addition, the best summer song ever recorded as a bonus. This site has been the best job I have ever had and yet, it doesn't pay squat. Even so one needs some alone time. I'm taking a week here and be forewarned another week in October for Thanksgiving. Don't freak Americans, we have Thanksgiving in October. Now the best summer song ever in the history of music.

Summer by War

The spirit of the beach and a variety of coastal climates are perfectly captured in this musical smorgasbord that includes salsa, reggae, calypso, tropical rock and hot Latin horns interspersed thongwith thoughtful, lyric-based ballads and even a touch of doo-wop. Thongs in the Key of Life is a huge hit among the so-called Parrothead crowd and boaters everywhere. The sixteen songs here couldn't be more pleasantly diverse in their styles, yet every one takes you back to the beach, to Key West or to a Buffett concert. In fact, some of the artists here have either opened for Buffett or played at Parrothead gatherings like the Meeting of the Minds. There are some excellent artists from all over the US on this compilation. Each song tells a story (recurring themes are beaches, women, bars and alcohol) and each track is by a different artist. I will certainly be partaking of the barley pop while listening to this gem.
**(artist-area of the country)
1. Postcard (St. Somewhere-Tennessee)
2. Life In The Laid Back Lane (James White-Cayman Islands)
3. Bocanuts (Jim Morris-Florida)
4. Beach People, Beach Music (Key West, The Band-Texas)
5. Little Blue Boat (Scott Kirby-Florida)
6. Salsa Dance (Living Soul-Michigan)
7. Ain't Life Grand (Danny Morgan-Florida)
8. Coastin' (Larry Joe Taylor-Texas)
9. Vacation (Brent Burns-Alabama)
10. Overheated (Sonny Russell & The Tropics-Florida)
11. Parrothead Holiday (Mango, Mango-Arizona)
12. No Shanty Town (Michael Sea & Island Fever-California)
13. You Make A Difference In My Life (Michael Drake-Wisconsin)
14. WEDO (John Reno-Alabama)
15. Humanity Night On The Redneck Riviera (Jim Hoehn-Wisconsin)
16. The Original Parrothead (Kevin Mulvenna-Wisconsin)

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