Thursday, October 16, 2008

Da Da

DadaUh oh here comes another Alice Cooper post. Let's face it though, Halloween wouldn't be complete without the ton of creepy songs Alice has recorded over the years. Yes I'm biased because I'm a huge fan of the Coop, but if you missed today's showcased album when it first came around, you should do yourself a favor do yourself a favor and give it a try now.

DaDa is a highly highly overlooked Alice Cooper concept album from 1983. The album tells the story of Former Lee Warmer, a cannibal whose family keeps him locked in their attic. This album features some of the creepiest Alice Cooper tunes in his entire catalogue. This album was very disappointing from a sales point of view, and that is certainly a shame. As Alice Cooper albums go, this one is really far above average. It seems to be one of his albums that tried to merge the older, creepy style with a newer, more alternative style. From the spooky opening tones of the title track, the horror movie chic that Cooper did so well is very apparent right from the start. The title track, Dada, is in my opinion the creepiest track Alice has ever done. It's like a haunting Halloween treat with a little girls voice behind menacing music, repeating the word "Dada." I dare you to listen to this track with the lights out, all by yourself. A couple of people I have played it for over the years have actually freaked out over this song, giving them nightmares and a stern warning from them to never play that freaky shit again. Although relatively short at 9 tracks, this Cooper album ranks in my top 5 fave Alice Cooper albums and I have every one of them. There's just something about it that grabs me.

Former Lee Warmer
Fresh Blood
Classic Horror Flick

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