Thursday, October 30, 2008

Inevitable Rocky Horror Post

rocky horror
Being that it's the end of October it just wouldn't be right if I didn't post this classic. Mrs. homercat has never seen Rocky Horror in all it's glory at a midnight screening in a theater, so this Halloween we're thinking we're gonna do it. She's a Rocky Horror virgin. In the past homercat has won a couple contests dressed as Frank n Furter(with the fishnets, garters and such). If you think you've seen the film on video and that's that, then you are sorely mistaken. One of the most fun nights I ever had was at the show, winning the contest for best costume, doing the time warp and pointing out the virgins. You really haven't experienced a proper Halloween until you attend a midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Really I feel sorry for people who have never been. Because it's a kick in the ass boatload of fun.

Besides that I would have to scratch my head in bewilderment if this album was not in everybody's music collection. Amazing. Just in case I'm putting up a couple tracks from the biggest cult movie of all time. It is the longest running theatrical release in film history. More than 30 years later it is still in limited release in theaters around the world. In December 2005, Librarian of Congress James H. Billington added The Rocky Horror Picture Show to the National Film Registry, a list that contains only 450 films. Lips, lips lips! Asshole!!!

Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me by Susan Sarandon
Sweet Transvestite by Tim Curry

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