Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Killer Cat's Halloween Tunes

The last few remaining days of October are upon us. Homercat is entering the homestretch of his month long salute to Halloweenish type tuneage. I wish I had more time in my schedule to have posted an entry every day but this cat's time is limited and I hope no one leaves Rockin' feeling dissatisfied. By the time the 31st gets here I know I'm going to hear it from someone for not posting this song or that one. Again I am but one cat. Today I'm going to just put up some of my fave tunes (like I haven't already). The usual horror mainstay artist may make a few more appearances here. I will save my last post of the month for those typical Halloween songs you tend to hear all day come the 31.

This first track is full of everything you would expect from a horror track. If any of you saw Rob Zombies first movie, then you will know what to expect from this track. It is a good and creepy one.
House of 1,000 Corpses by Rob Zombie

Love him or hate him, Marilyn Manson's take of the Eurhythmics Sweet Dreams has a really great eerie feel to it.
Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson

Because it's Alice and they are also deliciously creepy and a couple of my faves.
This House is Haunted by Alice Cooper
Skeletons in the Closet by Alice Cooper

Every single chance I get to showcase something from the best album of this decade (so far) I do it. From Devil's Playground a great Idol tune.
Evil Eye by Billy Idol

There are some great moments in this song such as, Christina your mother's calling, you have to hear it to understand.
Joan Crawford by Blue Oyster Cult

Can't get enough of this Voltaire guy. Voltaire’s music has strong roots and connections to European folk as well as other influences such as the goth scene. However, many listeners find his music hard to classify. Although it has a sound reminiscent of European folk music, many people claim it to be darkwave. As an avid fan of Star Trek, Voltaire frequently attends science fiction conventions (such as I-CON and Dragon Con) and released a four track E.P. called Banned on Vulcan.
The Headless Waltz by Voltaire

Speaks for itself
A Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Theme

A Perennial favorite by the Q's all bad band.
Monster Ass

A song that I never get tired of and is a great party song.
Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo

Classic Horror Flick
Hope everyone enjoys!

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