Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Party like it's Zombie 99

This old fart has hosted and attended one or two parties over the years and the best ones have always been the Halloween party. No other type or holiday can come close to an excellent Hallows eve shindig. Being that Halloween is on a Friday this year it will be a good opportunity to host/attend someones get together this year. That is one reason why I'm running this theme for the whole month. Maybe you're looking for some good tuneage for an event. If you are hosting a party your musical selections should follow the night's theme as much as possible. For example as your fellow zombies are arriving and things aren't in high gear yet, I suggest some creepy instrumental mood pieces as people mill about showing off their costumes. Some excellent starter choices are classic horror movie theme stuff. Some are instantly recognizable and others are not yet set the mood quite nicely. When you are ready to switch gears into genuine party mode, I think the opening song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show let's your guests know you're serious. So today's post has are a few selections that make for good starter's for a party or a compilation disc. Of course there are tons of stuff to choose from and obviously I can't post them all so maybe these will get you thinking.
Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield (Single Version)
Tubular Bells Remix

The Omen Theme

Shock Theatre Overture by Mary Shelley Overdrive

In A Groovy Grave by Frankie Stein & His Ghouls

Science Fiction Double Feature (Original Soundtrack Version)
Science Fiction Double Feature by Joan Jett

Partytime by 45 Grave
Classic Horror Flick

Funny Toon