Friday, October 10, 2008

Zombie Pleasures-The Beginning

When you get right down to it, zombies are the hip, cool and best of the horror genre. The living dead which all started with that madman Romero. Night of the Living Dead which will be a classic until the end of time. Yep there's yer classic slow moving living dead folk which healthy adults can't seem to outrun. Here's the deal though, the bulk of that movie deals with humans interacting with each other in the face of this horror and it turns out that the regular dudes may be worse monsters than the zombies. That was Romero's genius.

To this day I would rather watch a bad zombie flick than a big budget prequel, sequel, original or any genre of movie. Trust me I have watched my share of bad zombie flicks and they're great. When a good living dead movie comes down the line such as Fido or the Dead of the Dawn remake, then yer Spidermans or Batmans don't hold a candle. In the homercat house we are zombie junkies. For the missus and I, an ultimate dream of ours is to be extras in a zombie movie. Which is bringing us closer to the musical part of our program.

I have a lot of songs about zombies. Yet it seems about 80% of the zombie music genre is psychobilly, or essentially, rock-a-billy jazzed on Red Bull and Meth. Me thinks The Cramps had a lot to do with this. This being the case the psychobilly songs dealing with zombie lore are not really creepy or weird, just a helluva a lot of fun and are great for a break some of the truly creepfests out there. Whatever the case or genre, October looks to be a big zombie month for us here at Good Rockin'. Let us get on with our first installment of Zombie Pleasures.

Zombie Prostitute ** by Voltaire (Maybe the greatest song ever)
Fashion Zombies! by The Aquabats
Army Of Zombies by Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards
Classic Horror Flick

Funny Toon