Friday, November 28, 2008

The Blitz

The Blitz was Swedish metal meister's, Krokus, eighth studio album. It came out in 1984, a year after their most popular album, Headhunter. It pretty much picks up where Headhunter left off as far as style goes. Midnite Maniac may well be one of the best songs they ever recorded. With this song leading off the album I thought it was going to be a stunner album when it came out. Upon further listen, I felt the feel of this album was "we need a radio, MTV friendly Hit" type of album. Not that it's a bad album. There are several great tracks here, but their cover of Ballroom Blitz is actually painful to listen to. While listening to the album the first time it just felt like they were trying way to hard for that MTV hit and trying to emulate American hair bands. Which disappointed me at the time as Headhunter was a killer metal album. Thus it was the last Krokus album I ever bought. Digging it out all these years later and re listening to it, I've decided I actually like it quite a lot, yet Ballroom Blitz is still as unlistenable as it was back in the eighties. The rest of the album is a good listen and I still think Midnite Maniac kills.

Midnite Maniac
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