Friday, December 05, 2008

D’Haene - Vinyl

Since homercat runs a music blog he gets his fair share of unsolicited emails from a number of bands wanting me to check out their music and promote it on Good Rockin'. That's a good thing and I try to listen to all the submissions I get. Being mostly an "oldies" blog, I don't spend enough time showcasing the new music that people keep getting me to listen to. So the other day I got an email from Bob D’Haene asking me to check out his bands upcoming new album Vinyl. I took a gander and on first listen liked what I heard so D’Haene gets a spin on Good Rockin' Tonight.

D’Haene (pronounced: D’Hain) is an NYC based rock band formed in ’03. Their first record, “Brother man”, was released in ’05. It was met with great reviews, plenty of college radio airplay and a trip to the “First Annual James Brown Festival”. NPR listed them as one of their “Great Unknown Artists”.

Their follow up entitled vinyl will be released in early 2009.

Songwriter Bob D'Haene (vocals, rhythm & lead guitar) writes songs influenced by classic 70's soul, standard American blues and 90's alternative rock. Backing D'Haene and bringing his lyrics the weight they deserve are Riley McMahon (lead, rhythm guitars, lap steel), Rick Guetschow (bass), Sammy K (drums and percussion) along with Tim McCracken (Keyboard & Background Vox).

Upon first listen of Vinyl my first impression was hey there's some great riffs going on here. Which loosely translated means this is a rock n roll album. There is an impressive range of styles and influences going on here. When I listen to the range of this one and the quality of musicianship, it kinda makes me wonder how this band has slipped through the major label radar. I guess they're focusing on bands that sound like Coldplay. I asked the band which songs they would like to promote and they gave me a couple suggestions but also said they would be curious as to which one I would pick. So I'm going to go with my pick, which is my fave song. It's nice to work directly with these new artists as they want promotion and it eases my mind as I have permission to put up a track here today. Keep an eye out for Vinyl when it comes out. I think we're going to be hearing more about this band in the future.

Wouldn't You Like to Know by D'Haene

Funny Toon