Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat

In 1984 Sparks released their thirteenth album called Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat. Coming off the heels of the commercially successful In Outer Space, in true critical fashion the album was dissed by critics. The album developed the light synthpop sound of In Outer Space but with a slightly darker lyrics revolving around Ron Maels favourite subject matter: relationships. Songs like the title track and "Everybody Move" have danceable grooves, and "Song That Sings Itself" and "Love Scenes" are surprisingly straight forward love songs. Honestly I don't know what some folks have against this album. I listen to this Sparks album more than any of their others. For some reason I am drawn to it and whenever I put it on it brings a smile to my face. Even though the songs may be simple and straight forward, they're catchy, danceable and extremely sing a longy. Very infectious. The Mael brothers trademark wit and cleverness are here in all their glory. Screw the critics, it's a great album.

Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat
Pretending To Be Drunk

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