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TangledIn 1984, Jane Wiedlin was the first to leave the Go-Go's to pursue a solo career. She subsequently has four solo albums to her credit. I just love Jane Wiedlin. Even after all these years I still think she's just cute as a button. The Go Go's were okay, but I really liked her solo stuff a lot better. There's something about her voice that just slays me. Not only is she cute as a bug in a rug, she was also the most talented. Forget about Belinda's solo work, it doesn't hold up at all against Jane's. Tangled was her third solo album which was released in 1990. It contains a great collection of pop songs sung in an almost angelic voice.

In 19996 she formed the band froSTed and they released one album. The reason the "ST" in froSTed is capitalized is because Jane is a big Star Trek fan, and as a result she got a small one line role in the fourth ST movie, The Voyage Home. Other movie roles include Joan of Arc (with no spoken lines in English) in the time travel comedy Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and an ill-fated singing telegram girl in the cult comedy/mystery film Clue. Wiedlin also appeared as the bus station lady wearing a neck brace in Steve Balderson's 2005 surrealist crime drama Firecracker, a film Roger Ebert named on his list of the year's best films. Jane was ranked #76 on VH1's Greatest Women of Rock N Roll. She is a member of the fetish community. When she was on a celebrity version of "Jeopardy" (which she won), she wore leather bondage pants. One of the first songs she wrote as a Go-Go was called "Fun with Ropes".

The thing I don't get is that when Tangled came out the album received negative reviews from critics. One critic went as far to say that Jane "did not have much of a voice", and compared the album as bad compared to Go-Gos or Belinda Carlisle solo releases. He concluded the review by saying: "Between Wiedlin's weak singing and the consistently poor material, Tangled is a disc to avoid." Dude I have to disagree strongly and vehemently. I even wonder if that dude listened to it. I have listened to this disc hundreds of times and never tire of it and would rather listen to Janes solo stuff than the drivel Belinda Carlisle or even the Go Go's put out. Even without critical or commercial success, Tangled represents an artistic peak and is the most satisfying release by Jane Wiedlin as a solo artist. So poop on you Mr. music critic.

Her stuff is sadly all out of print.

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