Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The Dead Milkmen were a satirical punk band formed in 1983 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band consisted of Joe Genaro ("Joe Jack Talcum"; guitar, vocals), Dave Schulthise ("Dave Blood"; bass), Dean Sabatino ("Dean Clean"; drums), and Rodney Linderman ("Rodney Anonymous"; vocals, synth).

In 1987, Detroit Tigers rookie Jim Walewander became notorious for being a huge fan of the band; this fact was noted on his baseball card, which described the group as "an obscure punk-rock band". Walewander invited the Dead Milkmen to Tiger Stadium to see a game in which he hit his first and only major league home run, and the Milkmen had a short conversation with Tigers manager Sparky Anderson. I mention this because the following year Beelzebubba was released and when I saw it in the store, there was one of those stickers on the shrink wrap and it had a blurb on it by this guy saying they're loud fast and obnoxious and I love this band. Of course it was so many years ago I can't remember exactly. I thought that was pretty cool and although I had seen the Milkmen's previous albums in the record store I had never purchased any of their albums, but on that day I did buy Beelzebubba based purely on the sticker and boy am I glad I did. By the end of the week I had purchased their previous three albums. To this day this is still one of my favourite albums and it kicks butt from beginning to end.

The Milkmen skewered popular culture, indie trend-followers, and the intellectually challenged, while frequently indulging their taste for tastelessness. Critics alternately praised and dismissed the band as geeky, juvenile wiseasses and virtually every review seemed to contain the word "sophomoric," and either you found them funny or you didn't. I did.

Bad Party
Born to Love Volcanoes
The Guitar Song
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