Sunday, January 18, 2009


Flood is the third studio album by They Might Be Giants, and their first with a major label, Elektra Records. It was released in 1990.

They Might Be Giants has always been a great reason for math and computer science geeks to add a real rock album to their collection of John Williams and Weird Al records and Flood is a celebration of dorkiness. Lifting off from their previous album, Lincoln, which was a sort of transitional album, Flood is a soaring, catchy sing-along album destined for people who love quoting Monty Python sketches. Try not singing the words to "Particle Man," "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," or "Birdhouse in your Soul." (Apparently, "Particle Man" was so catchy that the song was later used as a sing-along in a cartoon show for children.) Combining a book-smart, funny love of history, junk culture, and film noir, this is an essential album to own. Being their most popular record and many fans' first exposure to the group, the album has occasionally been performed in its entirety at live shows. At some of these performances, the group essentially 'opens' for itself, taking the stage as "Sapphire Bullets: the only TMBG cover band that matters."

Put it on loud, sing along, and dance very, very badly like a good nerd should.

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