Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Rare Donnas

Lately I've had a few email and comment requests about some of the rare tunes of The Donnas that I posted about back in 2007. Being a huge fan of The Donnas I have tracked down and purchased as much of the rare stuff that I could find. The rare stuff being songs that the Donnas have recorded that have not appeared on their regular studio albums. Some are from compilation albums or soundtracks or even eps. Which brings me to some great news for Donnas fans.

The Donnas have announced their latest project: a detailed retrospective collection of their illustrious 15 year (and still counting) career. It will contain remixes and re-recorded versions of classic songs from their 7 album catalogue, unreleased B-sides and rarities, as well as brand new songs. To add to the decadence, the package will also include video footage from the Donnas archives, past to present! The band is excited about this collection (as well as I) and hope to have it out by Spring '09. It will be released on their own Purple Feather Records and distributed by Redeye Distribution. Stay tuned to Good Rockin' for further updates.

While a new studio album would be great, it will be great to finally have all these tracks together on one release and I for one will be pre ordering it when it becomes available. Luckily homercat is here to fill in some of the gaps until they release their retrospective. A couple of these tracks have been requested and a couple are making their first appearance here. Enjoy!

Big Rig
Mama's Boy
Roll on Down the Highway
The Safety Dance

Funny Toon