Friday, January 23, 2009

Still Standing

Got to make this a quick one today as I'm in the middle of this huge honkin' project. I'll explain about it next week as it will be the topic of one of my posts. In the meanwhile a little Scorchers action is just the ticket for the weekend.

Jason and the Scorchers released Still Standing, their second official full-length album, inNovember of 1986. The sound was fuller and more hard-rock oriented than the Scorchers' previous efforts, 1982's EP "Reckless Country Soul", 1984's EP 'Fervor' and 1985's 'Lost and Found. "Still Standing" does contain the jangly 'My Heart Still Stands With You' and the folky 'Ocean of Doubt, 'but most of the album sounds closer to the sweeping and metallic guitar rock that had become mainstream in the 1980's than the proto-Americana of the Scorchers' first releases. Still Standing landed Jason and the Scorchers some nationwide FM radio airplay, with 'Golden Ball and Chain' leading the way as a single. It has been the band's highest-charting single in their career.

Golden Ball and Chain
Crashin' Down
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