Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Reload is the title of an album, released in 1999 by Welsh singer Tom Jones, not to be confused with the turd of an album by Metallica. This Reload is great.

After a lengthy career, and a notable absence from the music charts for several years, Jones resurrected his career with this album of 15 cover versions and 2 original tracks (Sexbomb, Looking Out My Window) recorded as duets with current artists. To ensure that the finished product retained the sound of these artists, he also recorded the tracks in the same studios these artists used, and also used their record producers.

The album became the highest seller of Jones' career, reaching number one on the British charts in 1999 and again in 2000. It has sold more than 6 million copies worldwide. The album was not released immediately in the US because Jones' US record company complained that many of the artists were not known outside of the UK and they were reluctant to release it. Once again a major label record company shows it's stupidity. Jones probably doesn't swivel, shake or do knee drops like he used to, but he sure as hell does have some vocal chops. Jones is in the uncomfortable position of being more of a retro novelty, and although he may not ignite the U.S. charts anymore, his music remains as contemporary and driving as ever. There are some killer tunes on this album. Homercat luvs it and remains a fan of da man.

Burning Down the House (with The Cardigans, written by David Byrne / Tina Weymouth / Chris Frantz / Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads)

Little Green Bag (with Barenaked Ladies, original by George Baker Selection)
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