Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Streetheart s/t

Streetheart was a Canadian rock band from Regina, Saskatchewan. In 1975, vocalist Ken Shields, keyboard player Daryl Gutheil and bassist Ken Sinnaeve formed the band Wascana. After being renamed Witness, the group became Streetheart when guitarist Paul Dean and drummer Matt Frenette joined in 1977. The band released Meanwhile Back in Paris the following year and Under Heaven over Hell in 1979, but Frenette and Dean dropped out soon after to found Loverboy. The all time best seller for Streetheart was their self titled fifth studio album which was also the debut of Jeff Neill as guitarist and came out in 1982. Loaded with many great songs this album has the classic hits What Kind Of Love Is This, Look In Your Eyes, One More Time, Miss Plaza Suite and Snow White. One of those albums where every track could have been a huge hit for them. If you can find a copy of this cd, one listen will have you hooked on the Streetheart sound. The vocal of Kenny Shields brings so much extra to each song, and the classic music that the band has created will keep you listening for hours, and wanting more, which may be tough as their stuff is extremely hard to locate. Well worth the effort if you can track them down.

Miss Plaza Suite
Look In Your Eyes
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