Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fortune's Favour

Judging from my last post I think some of you may have seen this one coming. Because I am going to see Great Big Sea tonight I thought I would post up some tunes from their most recent album which is absolutely fantastic. I highly encourage people to go out and buy this one. Also if you buy it there is an additional DVD of the making of the album. Some of you may remember that this album made my top ten list last year and I have listened to it hundreds of times already. As an additional bonus, Spirit of the West is the opening act tonight and I have also listed one of their tunes and would recommend checking them out as they are similar in musical styles. Basically if you like GBS then you'll like them.

Fortune's Favour is the 9th studio album released by Canadian folk rock band Great Big Sea which came out in June of 2008 and debuted at #5 on the Canadian charts. Thirteen years after releasing their debut album Great Big Sea’s first track, “Love Me Tonight,” from their new CD, sounds just as fresh as when the band first appeared on the music scene. This is a band that has never become complacent, and never taken for granted the careers that they have. The real treasure of Newfoundland and Labrador is its people, and out of that earthy, gregarious, and fun loving people, sprang a rock band called Great Big Sea, who continue to charm music fans throughout the United States and Canada, with their own special brand of folktales. Fortune’s Favour just adds to the growing legend, of this outstanding group. The second track, “Walk On The Moon,” serves as the inspiration to keep our dreams alive. It is a song about taking your best shot at pursuing your dreams. It is about not being afraid to walk through that door or out on that limb. At a time when America is experiencing the most significant economic crisis in most of our lifetime, Canada and the United States are at war in Afghanistan and Iraq, this is the song of hope that we all need to hear. The album is chock full of easy songs to sing along with, because they have contagious melodies and they are fun songs that celebrate life, and anyone who knows Newfies will tell you they know how to do that in fine style. Now I'm off to get ready for the world's largest kitchen party (ask a newfie).

Here and Now by Great Big Sea
Oh Yeah by Great Big Sea
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Political by Spirit of the West
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