Tuesday, March 03, 2009

No Control

No Control was Eddie Money's fourth album, released in 1982 and I would have to say that it's his best album. A total of 11 tracks and there is not one klunker on this album. Although the album yielded only two hit singles, every track here could have been released as a single. Money found the perfect middle ground between AOR production and pop hooks, with the singles "Think I'm In Love" and "Shakin'" sending the album into platinum territory. His first album had gone double platinum due to the hits Baby Hold on and Two Tickets to Paradise but when I compare the two albums, No Control really shines brighter. Back in the day this album always ended up on the turntable at every party and whenever Shakin' was played it would send all the women in attendance into a frenzy and they would all be up dancin and shakin it. So we liked to play it a couple times, especially later after a few drinks had been consumed. I have known this song to cause articles of clothing to disappear whilst said shaking was going on. So here's a couple songs that also should have been hits for the guy who dropped out of the New York police academy and became a rocker.

No Control
It Could Happen to You
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