Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vive Le Rock

adam antIn my opinion a highly overlooked Adam Ant album. Vive Le Rock is the third solo album by Adam Ant, released in 1985. This album at first resulted with disappointing reviews and sales in the United States, peaking only at #131. One single from the album was released in the United States - the title track "Vive Le Rock." The track "Human Bondage Den" was only released on the original cassette and CD release of this album (as a bonus non-LP track). Most re-releases did not feature this track until Epic Records re-released the album in 2005 (along with seven other bonus tracks). Ant adopted a '50s-style rock & roll sound for this album. Even so, Marco's distinctive guitar is still hangin out with the Ant man. After this album his record label droped him and Adam focused on acting. Yes he did star in Love Bites and did numerous parts on television.

It was supposed to be Adam Ant's big rock record, and rock it does! The sound is huge (at least by Adam Ant standards), and almost every song is relentlessly catchy. Best of all, though, is Marco's guitar work; his playing and palette of tones are so astonishingly good on the entire record that it's difficult to pick standouts--although "Miss Thing," "Razor Keen," and "Hell's Eight Acres" are good places to start. Apparently considered a flop at the time of its release as it flopped miserably in the UK and the states. This may be due to several reasons. For instance the single Vive Le Rock underwent a mis-pressing error and the album received mixed reviews. Plus the old stand by where the record company didn't give a crap anymore and couldn't be bothered to promote the album. The 2005 re-release of this album (which is already out of print dammit) finally provided more positive reviews and sales in contrast to 1985. Based on the positive reaction the re-release has gotten, one wonders if it had been released without the promotion and mis-pressing difficulties whether it would have been a greater successat the time. Vive le Rock is simply a great, grossly underrated record.

Vive Le Rock
Hells Eight Acres
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