Friday, March 13, 2009

Wouldn't You Like It

Bay City Rollers
The Bay City Rollers third uk album Wouldn't You Like It was released in the UK late in 1975 and is pretty much the definitive Rollers album. The fact is guitarist Eric Faulkner and Stuart Wood wrote almost every song with the exception of their second number 1 hit in the uk "give a little love". The Rollers were riding high at this time in late '75 getting ready to hit it big in america with the single Saturday Night. Having released three albums in the UK, they had yet to break in the US. Then early in 1976 the Rollers finally hit big in America and reached #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 with "Saturday Night", a song that had missed the UK charts completely two years earlier. The Rollers gave the tune its American debut via a much-hyped satellite-link performance on Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell. There some very good pop tunes on this record.

The rollers sound confident here and you can tell. In early 1976 arista records released their second US album Rock n Roll Love Letter. Of the record's 11 tracks, two were lifted from the Rollers' 1975's UK release Once Upon a Star; seven came from Wouldn't You Like It?; and two were newly-recorded singles. The cover art features the same photo as Wouldn't You Like It and the US version has never been released on CD. If you want to really wanna get a good dose of rollermania or you just like some great pop tunes, the remastered 2004 album with bonus tracks is an essential buy.

Saturday Night
Maybe I'm A Fool To Love You
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