Friday, April 24, 2009

Bif Naked

In 1971 Bif was born in New Delhi, India, to a pair of boarding-school teenagers. The birth mother (a canadian teen) was banished to a mental hospital to hide her pregnancy. When born, Bif was adopted by American missionaries and eventually they moved back to America and settled in Minneapolis. When she was 13 her family moved to Canada where her father had accepted a teaching job in dentistry. Her parents enrolled her in a college in Winnipeg hoping she would settle down a bit but instead she blew off classes to join a punk band. She paid her dues in several bands and decided it was time to go solo and ended up in Vancouver. In 1994, she signed a deal with Concrete Records and a full-length release soon followed. When the label went under in 1995 Bif bought back the 'BIF NAKED' masters, which she reissued on her own label, dubbed Her Royal Majesty's Records . On the strength of that record, and the ferocity of her live performances and ceaseless touring, she snagged a deal with Lava and, in 1998, I Bificus was released.

I originally became aware of Bif when someone posted a message on a Joan Jett message board saying that people should check out Bif because she was like Canada's version of Joan Jett. After hearing her stuff, I thought well maybe, but not really. The two are only similar in one way in that they are both strong female rockers. Bif has a new album coming out in May and it is available for preorder now. It is quite amazing because in recent years she's had some serious health issues, most recently breast cancer and is and is also currently taking medication to get rid of a blood clot in her aorta. She's scheduled for hysterectomy surgery to reduce the chance of a recurrence of her cancer. Tough times for a tough Bif, yet she has still found time to work on a new album. I heart Bif. A few tunes while we await the new album.

Nothing Else Matters
Rich and Filthy
I Love Myself Today
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Dave said...

Bif fans: The film Crossing, featuring Bif as a transvestite gangster, is now available at:

Anonymous said...

I caught a screening of Crossing a while ago. I thought it was awesome. Bif was crazy in that.