Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Havana Daydreamin

Homercat is pleased to announce that the GBS concert we attended was phenomenal. I've seen many concerts over the years since my first one in 1978 (Cheap Trick), including acts like the Who, the Stones, Kiss, etc. and this concert ranks as one of the best I've ever seen. It has been placed in my top 5. Spirit of the West opened for them and they were equally stunning. The evenings encore had both bands onstage which had homercat spellbound. My advice go see em if you can. Meanwhile it's been wet and cold, then cold and wet here and it has me daydreamin for some warm weather and Mr. Buffett always gets me geared up for spring.

Havaña Daydreamin' is the seventh album by singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett which was released in 1976. The album's name was originally to have been Kick It in Second Wind and was to have included the songs "Please Take Your Drunken 15 Year Old Girlfriend Home," "Train to Dixieland," and "Wonder Why We Ever Go Home" as well as a different version of "Kick It in Second Wind." Instead, these songs were replaced with "Woman Goin' Crazy on Caroline Street", "Havaña Daydreamin'", and "Cliches." Most of the songs on the album were written or co-written by Buffett, two with his future wife, Jane Slagsvol. The album earned Buffett increased critical attention with what most critics cite as his "best overall collection of songs". Many of my favorite Buffett tunes ahappen to be from this album. There are rumours that rare versions of this album exist with an altered song listing and containing one or more of the songs "Please Take Your Drunken 15 Year Old Girlfriend Home," "Train to Dixieland," and "We've Been Taken to the Cleaners (and I Already Had my Shirts Done)." I have never come across one of these supposed rare versions although I constantly look whenever I'm in a used record store. I would be interested to know if anyone knows if it actually exists. Even better if someone reads this and actually has any of those songs in their possession I would love to have a copy.

My Head Hurts My Feet Stink and I Don't Love Jesus
Kick It in Second Wind
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