Friday, May 22, 2009

Hit and Run

Canada has a wealth of artists who receive minimum recognition south of the border. There are a slew of musicians that most Americans have never heard, yet are everyday big names up here. Big Sugar probably fits that bill. Canadians are well acquainted with this band and so should the rest of the world. Unfortunately they disbanded a couple years ago, The band broke up in 2004, after, according to the band's website, Gordie Johnson became frustrated with Canadian radio programmers who claimed his single "All Hell for a Basement" was "too Canadian" (as the song refers the province of Alberta). Johnson, a staunch nationalist, was disgusted and angry and left Canada to pursue music in a more "open, welcoming" environment. Big Sugar is a hard band to categorize, but I'll try my best.

This eclectic band hails from Toronto and are in every sense of the word, original. A blues rock outfit that underwent several personnel changes from it's inception in 1991, to their last compilation album, Hit and Run, in 2003. But it worked. By the end they had one dude with heavy dreadlocks, one guy who can be described as Mr. Slick, and a seamless mixture of black and white members. Playing everything from guitar driven, riff heavy music to reggae and dub with a caribbean flavor, these guys covered all the bases. Their shows were noted for the floor-to-the-rafters speaker system with heart-shaking bass lines and energetic in your face guitars. Nicotina and Red Rover are monster riff in yer face rock. Hit and Run is a great overview of the band if you've never heard of them.

Red Rover
All Hell For a Basement
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