Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Streetcore was the third and final album by Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros. The album was completed after the death of frontman Strummer, primarily by Martin Slattery and Scott Shields, and released 21 October 2003. The album marks the band's transition from their previous genre-bending work to a more straight forward rock album, reminiscent of Strummer's early work with The Clash. "Coma Girl" may well be one of the best songs ever recorded by anybody, so says me and the Mrs. "Silver and Gold" is the last song on the album and ends with Strummer's instruction to the engineer, "OK, that's a take." The song, which deals with making the most of one's life before it's too late, is a poignant end to Strummer's posthumous album. Strummer's last line in the song is, "I've got to hurry up before I grow too old," before he speaks to us in his grainy Cockney voice, "OK, that's a take." It's almost as unbearable as it is unforgettable. The fact that this is a final album for Strummer is beside the point; this is one of the best rock & roll albums of 2003, and truly the finest, most cohesive work he did after London Calling. RIP Joe, we miss ya.

Coma Girl
Silver and Gold
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