Sunday, May 24, 2009

Turn It Loud

The Headpins are the head instructors in Canadian Kick Ass Rock 101 - and school is in session. The Headpins were originally formed by Brian MacLeod and Ab Bryant as a sort of 'side project' from Chilliwack in 1980, the group's earliest beginnings included drummer Matt Frennette, ex of Streetheart and Randy Bachman's wife Denise McCann, who had enjoyed a moderately successful disco career a few years earlier on vocals. The Pins and Loverboy swapped drummers, and Frenette was gone and Bernie Aubin was in, who incidentally co-wrote Loverboy's "The Kid Is Hot Tonite".

Before the end of the year however, it was decided that McCann wasn't right for the job of translating MacLeod's musical vision and was replaced by Darby Mills, already a seasoned session worker and singer of Streetback, a group closer to what MacLeod had in mind than McCann's disco background.

Mills' style became known as the growl and would go on to lead the charge in their energized live show, She was compared more to Robert Plant or David Coverdale than, say Ann Wilson or Janis Joplin. In 1982 "Don't It Make Ya Feel" turned the FM stations upside down and their debut album, Turn it Loud, would go on to be certified double platinum, making it one of the most successful debut albums by a Canadian group ever.

The Headpins continue to tour to this day and in the last few years I've seen them several times and they kick ass like nobody's business. Darby's voice is better than it's ever been and she is a true metal goddess and is now more than ever one of the sexiest women in rock n roll to this day. They are simply an amazing band to catch live. If you can't find their debut album, Turn it Loud, then The greatest Hits album is a great place to start and easier to find if you're unfamiliar these guys. Highly recommended.

Keep Walkin' Away
Don't it Make Ya Feel
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