Sunday, June 07, 2009

Eyes Don't Lie

How in the world do you follow a post about Steel Panther? The answer is to go the complete opposite and post up some Donny Osmond.

In the 1980s, Donny Osmond re-invented himself as a solo vocal artist and abandoned the earlier television show and teeny bopper image crafted to appeal to young audiences. He made an unlikely appearance as one of several celebrities and unknowns auditioning to sing for guitarist Jeff Beck in the video for Beck's 1985 single "Ambitious." He spent several years as a performer, before collaborating with Peter Gabriel and returning to the US charts in 1989 with the song "Soldier of Love" and its follow-up "Sacred Emotion". The campaign to market "Soldier Of Love" received considerable airplay with the singer being presented as a 'mystery artist', before his identity was later revealed. He followed on the heels of this success with the 1990 album Eyes Don't Lie. While the previous album was considered his "comeback" album and sold more copies, I personally think this album is much better. The first five tracks alone are worth the price of the cd. Homercat gives it five stars. But then again I think most of the folks that stop by here know how I loves me Osmonds.

Eyes Don't Lie
Sure Lookin'
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