Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh What a Feeling - Disc #2

Ok here is Oh What A Feeling - A Vital Collection of Canadian Music Disc #2. Some of you may be wondering why I don't just put up all 4 discs in one post and be done with it. First of all there's the whole ripping, tagging, packing and uploading thing, which takes quite a while to do. Then of course, homercat don't roll that way. This second disc probably has a few more tunes that everyone is familiar with. For those that aren't interested in downloading the whole thing I've posted one mp3 from the list.

192 kbps

1. Closer To The Heart (Rush)
2. Turn Me Loose (Loverboy)
3. Cuts Like A Knife (Bryan Adams)
4. Sunglasses At Night (Corey Hart)
5. Eyes Of A Stranger (Payolas)
6. See The Light (The Jeff Healey Band)
7. Just Came Back (Colin James)
8. Patio Lanterns (Kim Mitchell)
9. New Girl Now (Honeymoon Suite)
10. Don't Forget Me [When I'm Gone] (Glass Tiger)
11. Let Your Backbone Slide (Maestro Fresh-Wes)
12. If I Had A Rocket Launcher (Bruce Cockburn)
13. If I Had A Million Dollars (Barenaked Ladies)
14. New Orleans Is Sinking (The Tragically Hip)
15. Life Is A Highway (Tom Cochrane)
16. Push (Moist)
17. You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette)

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