Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Jethro Tull's 12th studio album, Stormwatch, came out in 1979. This is the last Tull album to feature the classic line-up of 1970s. Bassist John Glascock is only featured on three tracks ("Flying Dutchman", "Orion", and "Elegy"). John died following open-heart surgery a few weeks after the release of this album. Ian Anderson played bass elsewhere on the album. The album is considered the last in the trilogy of folk-rock albums by Jethro Tull (although folk music influenced virtually every Tull album). The first two of this trilogy being Songs From the Wood and Heavy Horses. All three are excellent albums with Songs from the Wood being the most awesome of the bunch. Remember this was 1979 and most of us had never heard the term Global Warming back then. The album deals with the deterioration of the environment, warning of an apocalyptic future if mankind does not cease its drive for economic growth and pay attention to nature. Thirty years later mankind is finally start to catch on although it may be a bit too late. Remains to be seen I suppose. Critics seem to be either up or down with this album, yet if you have just a passing knowledge of Tull I recommend this one.

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