Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Thunder and Fire

In 1989 Jason and the Scorchers released their official third album called Thunder and Fire. Coming three years after Still Standing they steered more towards hard-rock. Reviews were mixed, often negative, and sales were disappointing. "The songs were more metal-influenced," according to the band's website, "as Warner [Hodges] had a big hand in the production. Then Perry Baggs was diagnosed with diabetes during a tour in 1990.

Screw the reviewers, this is my fave Jason album. On "Lights Out," for instance, Hodges sounds like a one-man guitar army. Jason Ringenberg delivers the most clearheaded vocal performances of his career. On tracks like "When the Angels Cry" and the cover of Phil Ochs's "My Kingdom for a Car," Ringenberg soars and sways with a new level of assurance and commitment. Thunder and Fire is Jason and the Scorchers' most audacious, most ambitious recording since their 1983 EP Fervor. They started off the decade as one of rock's most explosive acts and they ended it with even more firepower. This album contains my favorite Scorchers song which is When the Angels Cry. The really good news is that the Scorchers are "back in the saddle" as Jason & The Scorchers are or have recorded a new album and this will be their first recording session in 11 years. I can't seem to track down a release date for the new album but I know I desperately need it. Until then her's some tracks from this awesome out of print album.

When the Angels Cry
My Kingdom for a Car
No Turning Back
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