Friday, July 03, 2009

Another Birthday eh (or the greatest American band)

After I did all them megaposts about Canada's birthday, it wouldn't be right if I didn't give a shout to our brethren to the south and wish them a happy birthday too. What to do for their birthday? Of course the old compilation album came to mind, but I just didn't have the time to make a list. So I thought about it and decided to coincide the fourth with the greatest American band. Twasn't no picnic because I had about 10 bands that were in the running. But when you pick one based upon how hard they rock it, pop it, ballad it, lyricize it, or generally the all aroundness of a good band it really narrows it down. Then when you're biased it helps. Of course I speak of Cheap Trick.

Really how more Americana can you get than hailing from the midwest or should I say Illinois right smack dab in the middle. In my opinion Cheap Trick is the greatest American band and if you've ever seen them live you know of what I speak. The studio albums do them no justice even if they are excellent. Having just released a new album (which is also available on vinyl and 8 track) they are still alive and kickin' out the jams. There is something about their music that speaks to my very soul. The Cheap Trick getting lost in the whole classic rock shuffle thing baffles me to this very day. Some people only know one or two songs or don't even know they're still rockin' it, which in itself is a crime. Admittedly the Tricksters have had the worst luck in the world with record labels, but still they are way under appreciated. Recently I got the 30th anniv. Live at Budokan set and I gave my extra Live at Budokan album to a 21 yr old kid at work who had never heard of Cheap Trick and it blew him away. He loves it and raves about it often. Anyways for those who may not be familiar with their entire catalogue a few tunes from a couple out of print albums and other obscure stuff. I'm sure some will try to argue with my greatest band moniker but homercat will not bend on this one. Happy fourth neighbours!

Album titles are in bold font

Woke Up With a Monster
Tell Me Everything Great tune and the lyrics are awesome

Standing on the Edge
Cover Girl

The Doctor
Rearview Mirror Romance

Cheap Trick 1997
Baby No More

Special One
My Obsession

One on One
Love's Got a Hold of Me

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