Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Glance

First Glance is the seventh studio album by Canadian rockers April Wine, released in December 1978. First Glance became April Wine's first gold record outside Canada, and is credited with bringing "Canada's best kept secret" out into the open. Growing up in the midwest it took a while for these guys to trickle down to the podunk town I lived in, but the second I heard them I think I was their number one fan in the midwest. Being sixteen at the time music had taken a short hiatus in my life as the all important "driver's license" had entered the picture. So I was unaware of this great album until a younger sibling introduced me to it. I was embarrassed enough to not let that happen again.

It had an immediate impact and the first two singles were both successful on Canadian radio. It was the third single, a raucous rocker called "Roller", that brought the band mass appeal across North America. "Roller" started its momentum in Michigan and soon was a popular hit across the U.S., finding its way into the Billboard Top 30 where it stayed for eleven weeks. Constant touring helped propel the band to greater success, as American audiences from coast-to-coast embraced the hard rock of this "new" band from Canada. Incidentally there were two different album covers for this album. The Canadian release had the purple cover and the US release had the band on the front. My guess is they had to deviate from the original Canadian cover because the rest of North America had no idea what these guys looked like so they put a group photo on the cover.

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