Thursday, July 02, 2009

No. 1 In Heaven

After the disappointing sales of Sparks previous two albums (Big Beat and Introducing Sparks), the brothers found themselves at a 'what do we do now?' moment. By 1979 they had tired of the rock band format and determined to take their music in a more electronic direction. They had expressed admiration for Giorgio Moroder, creator of the iconic disco anthem I Feel Love performed by Donna Summer, to a German journalist who turned out to be a friend of his. As a result, they teamed up with Moroder and created No. 1 In Heaven. Their eighth album would not only redefine the Sparks sound but would challenge the concept of what is meant by a band and would be a major influence on emerging electro pop artists. The collaboration produced the duo's best album in years. With only six songs on the album it produced chart hits like "Number One Song in Heaven" and "Beat the Clock". The remaining four cuts are solid album tracks and the Mael brothers prove on songs like "Tryouts for the Human Race" and "Academy Award Performance" that their bizarre songwriting wasn't compromised by working with Moroder. Great Stuff.

The Number One Song In Heaven
Tryouts for the Human Race
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