Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Pressure is On

Hank Jr
The Pressure Is On is a classic 1981 album from Hank Williams Jr and it finds him in great form. This is the album that really turned me into a Hank Jr. fan for life. While punk, new wave, hair metal and MTV were exploding, all of a sudden I discovered "country" thanks to Jr. I had dabbled in listening to some country but Hank made me turn the corner. While Hank was designated country, his attitude screamed rock n roll. My leather clad, spiky hair punk friends agreed and couldn't get enough of him. The songs "country boy" and "all my rowdy friends (have settled down)" are worth buying it for alone but you also get a duet of hank and george jones on "if tomorrow never comes" or how about Hank and Boxcar Willie on "Ramblin' in My Shoes". I dare you to listen to the Ballad of Hank Williams without a smile on your face. The memories this album conjures up for me are amazing. Whenever we had a party we would close it down with All My Rowdy Friends with everyone in a big drunken circle singing along at the top of our lungs . Don't ask me why, we just loved it. The nights we went cruising with the tunes on and switching from Van Halen to this album to The Ramones without missing a heartbeat. It's a testament to Hank Jr that even my harder rocking friends love this "country" album.

All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)
Ballad of Hank Williams
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