Friday, August 21, 2009

A Blazing Grace

Just like I had predicted it has been a hectic and busy month for the homercat. I find myself with a few spare moments today even though I thought I would be out the whole month. Homercat loves his music and that's what he does here. I try to stick solely to music on this site but I'm more and more tempted to do some ranting that has nothing to do with music, as there are many things weighing on my mind. Most of which has to do with the sheer stupidity of the common man. If I do start ranting in the future I'll try to tie the rant in with the music. I do have one thing to say that is music related about a news headline I read today. "The date of the funeral for pop legend Michael Jackson has been changed to September 3, the singer's spokesman said Friday." WTF people, it's been two months, put the dude in the ground already. I really could go on and on but it's time to talk about...

Jason and the Scorchers' 1995 comeback album, A BLAZING GRACE, doesn't sound like it was made by four guys that had just returned from a 5-year hiatus (Jason had kept a little busy by releasing a solo country album, ONE FOOT IN THE HONKY TONK.) As the title suggests, it's a blazing roots-rock fest, with stops along the way to deliver two lovely ballads and in keeping with band tradition, two choice covers: George Jones' "Why Baby Why" and a moonshine-as-rocket-fuel version of "Take Me Home, Country Roads." On my last jason post someone kindly left a comment about that particular song and how it rocked. Before you play "a blazing Grace" in the car, it would be a wise move to check for cops. The album-opening "Cry by Night Operator" practically demands to be pumped at a level beyond decibel restrictions. By the time you reach the thrashing of John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" – an unlikely but inspired match – you'll find yourself driving at least 30 mph faster. As i said before there are rumours of an upcoming new Jason and the Scorchers album and the official Scorchers site says it will be up and running in October 2009 and at the bottom it says The New Album Halcyon Times coming in 2010. That my friends is indeed good news.

Cry by Night Operator
Take Me Home, Country Roads
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