Saturday, August 01, 2009


FrenzyUs older folks remember the crazy antics of Mojo Nixon from the early days of MTV when they used to play music videos. I discovered Mojo before he started showing up on MTV and loved his stuff. Basic rock with Mojo's guitar and Skid's washboard Percussion. Highlights from this album include Stuffin Martha's Muffin (about VJ Martha Quinn), Jesus at McDonald's, a cover of Alice Cooper's Be My Lover. This is out of print and if you manage to find a copy, prices start from $60 and go up from there. It's a sloppy, drunken mess, and I mean that as a compliment. This is an album that is laugh-out-loud funny, raw, poetic, slightly deranged and totally rockin'! Mojo & Skid will keep you entertained and happy from the first note to the last. One thing to keep in mind though, this is real, raw music. Mostly just guitar and washboard and a lot of times it sounds like Mojo is making up the lyrics on the spot. This all just makes it better in my opinion. What is really great about this album is the feisty social commentary on some of the songs. Rock n' Roll will never be dead as long as the spirit of Mojo is around. Homercat will be taking his bad self a short break for a week or so. Maybe. So give these mojo tunes a ride and see you sometime next week.

Stuffin' Martha's Muffin
The Amazing Bigfoot Diet
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